Audio Production
> Music Instrumentation

We’ll work with you to produce a customized track based on your style and your musical preferences. Bring us references of other songs or tell us what ideas you have and we’ll make it happen. Music genres for production are: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronica, R&B and Top 40.

> Song Arrangement

Production starts with a flat beat. It’s the song arrangement processes that turn it into a full-fledged song. We develop verses and choruses, drop the beat in appropriate places, introduce new instruments in others, change key in the bridge and so on. All of these elements make the song sound complete.

> Songwriting

We will write you a song with lyrics, hooky choruses and melodies and work with you to craft a track based on your ideas, topics, mood or style. If you’re unsure about what kind of song you want, we can reference your music idols and go from there.

If you already have the lyrics but need help with the melodies or with reconstructing your lyrics into a song format, we can do that as well. All songs will be written within the singer’s vocal range so you’ll sound your best.

Recording and Mixing

Record vocals and/or live instruments comfortably in our recording facility with adjustable acoustic treatment. A professional audio engineer will assist you with recording and mixing your songs. You can also bring stems of already recorded songs in for mixing. We’ll help turn your recordings into high quality sounds.

Artist Advice & Guidance

Not sure what you’re looking for? Still developing yourself as an artist? We can help. At ILE Records we work with up-and-coming and aspiring artists to help you grow and prosper. We will help you get the proper style for your image, give you song ideas and introduce you to different sounds so you can find your own individuality and uniqueness as an artist. Receive this service complementary to our audio production.