Audio Production

ILE Records has the best Toronto recording studio rates. If you are looking for recording, mixing or production services, you’ve come to the right place. The studio is available for you to record vocals and live instruments. You can also bring in your already recorded tracks for mixing.

ILana works with many new and emerging artists and provides advice and guidance throughout the whole project. ILana always produces unique music that reflects your style and sounds great. Whether you are just starting a project or looking to complete a project you’ve already begun, ILE Records can make it happen.

> Music Instrumentation and Song Arrangement

ILana works with you to produce a customized track based on your style and your musical preferences. You may also bring references of other songs or share the ideas you have. Music genres for production are: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronic, R&B and Top 40.

> Songwriting

Let the music speaks for itself! Best way for you to judge ILana’s songwriting and production is to listen to her music, available on this site. Generally however, when writing, ILana pays close attention to portraying emotion throughout the song. She also understands the importance of writing hooky choruses and melodies that stand a commercial chance in today’s crazy competitive music world.

If you already have lyrics but need help with melodies or with reconstructing your lyrics into a song format, not a problem at all! All songs will be written within the singer’s vocal range so you’ll sound your best.

Recording and Mixing

Record vocals and/or live instruments comfortably in the ILE Records studio with adjustable acoustic treatment. Voice overs are welcome! You can also bring or send stems of already recorded songs in for mixing. Let ILana do her magic!

For unattended mixing sessions, please send Wav stems via Sendspace or Dropbox. Upload service on the site is coming up, please be patient.

Artist Advice & Guidance

Not sure what you’re looking for? Still developing yourself as an artist? Give ILana a call. She works with many up-and-coming and aspiring artists and is constantly attending various music industry events. ILana can advise artists on proper style for the image, give song ideas and introduce you to different sounds so you can find your own individuality and uniqueness as an artist.

> Recording, Vocal Editing and Mixing $35/hour (with engineer).
> Mixing (unattended sessions) $150/song (25 tracks max) contact us for a quote on more complex songs.
> Production – Please contact us to get a custom quote.

*All sessions are booked with a minimum of 2 hours.
*Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for set up.
*At this time cash is the ONLY payment option, (PayPal is available for international customers) more options are coming in the future.

Contact us today for a free quote.